• Surveillance Cases

    There are some cases as private investigator in Oklahoma City where I have no choice other than to setup and conduct surveillance. Doing this can be beneficial to your case and uncover information such as:


    This is the best way to determine if your spouse is having an affair. This isn’t limited to physical surveillance, this can also be performed on mobile devices, computers, and billing statements.

    Criminal Activity

    Are you having trouble with crime in your area? Surveillance can help expose and identify the criminals.


    Closed circuit television is the best way to uncover insurance fraud or fraud in other areas.

    Child Welfare

    Often used to determine if a child is safe in their surroundings – such as an ex spouse being ordered not to have any visitors spending the night.


    DVRs  are the best way to expose an uncover theft in your company.

    Daily Routines

    This is typically useful in infidelity and fraud investigations.

    Background and Character References

    Used to determine who a person associates with and determine the risk associated with that person.

    Vehicle Information

    Used to determine the make, model and location of a vehicle. This is useful in repossessions, divorce cases and theft.

    Divorce Decree Compliance

    Court ordered decrees often prohibit people from taking a child across state lines, or have the child in the presence of a romantic interest.

    Surveillance is a time consuming process, and information often trickles in over the course of the investigation. Collecting evidence takes time, it doesn’t happen like you see in the movies. It may take weeks or event months to gather the evidence you need in order to benefit your case. This is particularly the case when it comes to following someone in a vehicle. When you are following someone other factors affect your success such as road construction, traffic, and weather.