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  • Private Investigator in Oklahoma

    1 to 1 Risk Control & Investigations specializes in private investigations around the Oklahoma City area:

    Infidelity Investigations: We catch cheaters in the act of cheating with surveillance and sometimes the use of GPS.

    Background Checks: Our background checks can determine if a person has a criminal record, is a sex offender, has filed bankruptcy, has any outstanding warrants, has any pending litigation filed against them, as well as confirming identity related to name, address, age and location. This service is not limited to the state of Oklahoma.

    Computer Forensics: Our computer forensics investigations can get proof of computer crime, espionage, infidelity, deleted text messages, deleted emails, and retrieve deleted files and other data. We also perform mobile device forensics on iPhones, iPads, Android, and other mobile phones. If the device is backed up to iCloud, that no problem either! We now offer iCloud forensics and data recovery.

    Corporate Investigations: During corporate investigations we can determine the source of employee theft, sexual harassment, policy violations, and other inter company issues.

    Domestic Investigations: Private Investigations for cases such as child custody, child visitation, domestic violence, civil cases, criminal cases, and other family related issues.

    Due Diligence Searches: If you need to make a best effort search to locate someone, our due diligence searches include name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, employers and automobile make and model. In some cases you may need a due diligence search on property which we perform as well.

    Missing Person Investigations: We locate missing people who are hiding out, have been abducted, who have run away, and cold cases where people who have gone missing haven’t had any activity for a number of years.

    Skip Tracing: We locate people who have skipped out on debt such as loans, car payments, mortgage payments and other debts.

    Social Media Investigations: We investigate social media crimes, harassment, cyber bullying and obtain evidence from social media for other types of cases. We also offer a social media or dating site verification service for when you need to confirm the identity and background of someone you have met online.

    Surveillance: Our surveillance services cover infidelity, child support cases, child welfare cases, insurance fraud cases, divorce decree adherence cases, and other cases where it is required to obtain video or photographic evidence. You can read about what we use during surveillance and what get from doing surveillance in our blog.

    Animal Cruelty Investigations: If someone has intentionally harmed your pets or livestock, contact our private investigators to learn how we can help with animal cruelty and animal abuse investigations.

    Pro Bono Investigations: In some cases we perform private investigations in Oklahoma City pro bono, or for no charge. These are done at our discretion and if you would like submit your cases to see if it qualifies, please call Joe Sullivan at 405-796-6548